Word continues to spread that there is value in locating or growing your business in Estacada. Homegrown businesses are opening and others expanding their workforce and facilities in the area, while other businesses from around the region have moved to our community over the past few years.

One of the newer businesses on the block is Working Concepts, Inc.. They design, manufacture and market unique occupational safety products. If you have a comfort or safety problem at work, Working Concepts can help ~ “We will do our best to provide the best solution possible. Most of our safety products are produced right here, locally.”

This family owned small business moved into town just last year and have embraced being a part of the community. Their 25,000 square-foot warehouse, was literally built by local people with local materials (Locke Buildings). Lori Crampton’s father, Richard Crampton, designed their products. As a Millwright of 36 years, he learned to make things work, make them work right, and make them work for the duration. Their clients range far and wide however, regionally from Weyerhaeuser to City of Portland to name a few.

Visit their website for the entire list of products that are even suited for a wide variety of businesses from back-of-the-house hospitality establishments to Beauty Salons and Fire Stations too. Products even customizable with your company logo too. For more information, please contact Business Owner, Lori at info@softknees.com or call 888-456-3372.

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