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SoftKnees XL No-Strap Knee Pads

You asked for SoftKnees that were long enough to protect your knees and shins. SoftKnees XL Knee Pads offer all the lightweight comfort and durable protection of the original yet are four inches longer to double as shin pads. 

SoftKnees are barely noticeable when standing and walking. For easy installation in your double-knee workwear, simply roll the flexible material into a tight tube shape and insert into the base of the knee opening in your double-knee workwear. For added convenience, keep your XL SoftKnees in place when you wash your workwear.

SoftKnees No-Strap Knee Pads

Item #1010XL

  • XL size: 6×13 in.
  • Built of strong, flexible, and hypoallergenic material
  • Cushioned stabilization on ladders
  • Protects knees and shins from hard surfaces
  • Waterproof moisture barrier
  • Insulates from cold 
  • Installs easily into double-knee garments
  • Stays in place
  • May be left in double-knee garment for laundering
  • Reduces garment fabric damage


Ladder falls are the second leading cause of work-related injuries. The Stop-A-Ladder is a simple solution to make roofers, painters, and other service workers safer. This handy tool keeps extension ladders from slipping on slick surfaces such as composite decking.

Stop-A-Ladders weigh only six pounds and attach to the bottom ladder rung. Its foam construction creates tiny suction cups that grip smooth surfaces, even when wet. An adjustable strap makes it easy to move the ladder along a wall.

Stop-A-Ladder by Working Concepts, Inc.

Item #7002

SoftKnees No-Strap Knee Pads
  • Keeps extension ladders from slipping on slick surfaces such as composite decking
  • Unique design of foam creates tiny suction cups that grip the surface, even when wet
  • Light weight for easy use, weighs only 6 pounds
  • Works on smooth surfaces, plastic, wood, concrete, etc., even when wet
  • Prevents marring and scratches to deck caused by ladder feet
  • Attaches to the bottom ladder rung, with adjustable strap, for easy movement of ladder along wall
  • Fits most extension ladders, up to 21” wide
  • Replaceable self-adhesive foam pad