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SoftKnees Pads
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SoftKnees® knee pads are for workers who frequently kneel for short periods of time. The sturdy, lightweight SoftKnees ® molded pad is barely noticeable to the worker when standing and walking, unlike the heavy, cumbersome strap-on pad. Simply roll SoftKnees ® into a tight roll and insert into the opening in the bottom of the double knee of most double knee workwear. The "No Strap" design, lightweight molded pads provide comfort & support.

SoftKnees® knee pads are used most often in these industries:
  • Electrical
  • Welding
  • Plumbing
  • Construction
  • Service
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SoftKnees Knee Pads
  • For workers who frequently kneel
  • Protects knees from hard, rough, wet, or cold surfaces
  • Easily installed in double knee workwear
  • Full time protection
  • Remain in garment to launder
(Product #1010)

SoftKnees Kits
SoftKnees Kits
  • Attach Soft Knees Kneel Pads to any work pant.
  • Kit includes Soft Knees, pockets, permanent fabric adhesive and instructions
(Product #2010)

Disposable SoftKnees
Disposable SoftKnees
  • Designed for use with disposable coveralls
  • Used on interior of industrial laundry coveralls
  • Easy, peel-and-stick application
  • Ideal for hazardous waste, clean rooms
  • Box of 24 pieces (12 pairs)
(Product #1012)

SoftKnees Universal Peel & Stick Pads

For the creative worker to place where needed. Knees, elbows, shoulders, and other places.

Many workers have unique jobs such as:

  • Packing lumber or iron on their shoulders
  • Crawling
  • Out of position welding

Universal Peel & Stick Pads are:

  • Closed cell foam rubber
  • Easily modified with scissors or utility knife
  • Slit for flexibility

Please NOTE: Adhesive performance varies widely with different fabrics and severity of use. Adhesion is enhanced with an ordinary iron set on low heat.

(Product #1012R)